All Details About Writing Post And Earning Money

All Details About Writing Post And Earning Money
All Details About Writing Post And Earning Money
Introduction Of Plan: If I tell you in a single sentence than... the plan is- we will write a post together and earning together. In the world of internet earning money is soo easy and many of us is earning money not only money (good amount of money). so today I will share All Details About Writing Post And Earning Money. 


Our Requirements:
  • A Domin 
  • Adsense Approval

(also have many options to earn money without Adsense but I prefer Adsense because its payout and CPC is more than another network (Trusted Ad Network)
  • A Team Or (a group of  peoples who know little about the witing post)
  • Trust Between Them
  • Never Give Up Attitude
  • A Brain 
  • A Leader 

  1. How To Start?

First Of All Leader Will Make Blog And Set-Up And All Members To One Blog Via Adding Email On the Same Blog To Work Together Theme, Blog Setup, Making Pages, SCO Settings And On Page & Off Page SCO And Leader Will Also Teach You How To Write Blog Without And Kind Of Effort (Easily).
  • After that one of our friends will share app name and their links and few details about the apps with writers name (Writers name means who will write the post) So writers will write three post everyday (If we have more than three peoples than one will take a break every day)
  • After writing continues post... On the tenth day, we have 30 Posts (3x10=30). so now we can apply for Adsense approval. In the period of pending approval we will continue post writing (It usually  take (5-7 Days To Get Approve)
  • After Getting Approval Ad will be placed by admin but we are not going to make money from today because we do not have traffic.
  • So in the start, we do not get any kind of money from a blog. we have to work without giving up for two months (It usually take 2 months to rank our post of google search
  • After working 2 months of hard work and honesty we have 200+ posts on our blog and many of them are ranked on search result we start receiving a few amounts of money and day by day money will increase...
  • So if we work hard for 1 year then we will receive a passive income from blog and amount that you never expected.
  • Now more questions will be answered personally to writers by admin. If you do not have time that checks quickly answered questions.

Quick answer Questions:

  • How Will We Get Apps Suggestions?
Ans- One of our group members will give app and app link with some details

  • How To Write Post?
Ans- Admin will give you a text format And teach you how to write the post in a simple way.

  • How will we get traffic?
Ans- From google search

  • How We Earn?
Ans- Via Google Ads

  • When We Get Approved?
Ans- After 15-20 days

  • How Many posts We Have To Write Every day?
Ans- 1 Post Each Member 3 Post Everyday

  • When good Amount of income will start?
Ans- After Getting Indexed On Search Results - 2 Months (Approx)

  • Why We Can't Do It Indvisully?
Ans- There Is Millions Of Apps On Play Store And If We Write From One Hand Than It Can Take Millions Of Years to get Result So We Are Doing Together To Get faster Results.

Final Words By Admin: Guys We Are Woking Together To Start A Good Amount Of Income And Our Niche Is App Downloading And Review Wapsite Not Only Admin Can Handle All This. So We Need A Team With Good Mutual Understanding To Take This Plan In Reality So Support And Work Hard Together To Achive The Goal Thank you (Lots Of Love By Admin)